The State of Android

If the Pixel 6 Flops, I’m Switching to iPhone

Various Google Pixel smartphones. iGeekPhone

Their posts and methods are almost exactly the same, yet they all make lots of money.

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  • “7 Steps To…”
  • “17 Things I Did To…”
  • “5 Things All Successful Writers Should Know…”
  • “Here’s How I Made $7,437.19 in One Month From YouTube”

Medium’s User Interface

You can’t add a subtitle to your articles unless you know a ‘trick.’

Adding a Subtitle

Applying For Jobs

You can write unique cover letters in under 15 minutes

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The yet-to-be-revealed 2022 Mercedes EQS. Image credit: Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)

What Do We Care About in a Car?

Esef Hamzic

I just like to speak my mind.

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