The State of Android

If the Pixel 6 Flops, I’m Switching to iPhone

For the most part, 2021 has been far better than 2020. COVID-19 vaccine supply is about to outweigh demand in certain areas, and it looks like we’ll be graced with a full season of Formula 1 (racing) this year. 2021 has been the year of recovery for individuals, families, and businesses.

One business I’d really love to see recover is Google’s Pixel line of smartphones. While every major smartphone manufacturer has already released their 2021 flagship model, Google’s competitor likely won’t come until late October. …

Their posts and methods are almost exactly the same, yet they all make lots of money.

Have you noticed a trend on Medium where lots of titles seem to start exactly the same way?

  • “7 Steps To…”
  • “17 Things I Did To…”
  • “5 Things All Successful Writers Should Know…”

It’s insufferable to me — it really is. I eyeroll even harder when I see how specific these posts [and their clones] can get:

  • “Here’s How I Made $7,437.19 in One Month From YouTube”

Okay, we get it. You made a lot of money off of YouTube, but you’re not the only one with a post like that. …

Medium’s User Interface

You can’t add a subtitle to your articles unless you know a ‘trick.’

Unless you know of the ‘fancy trick’ beforehand, it’s impossible to add a subtitle to your article until after you hit ‘Publish.’ Even then, it’s very easy to miss the little descriptor box next to where Medium asks if you want to add article tags. Furthermore, I can’t find a way to retroactively add a subtitle unless, again, you know a ‘fancy trick’ in the editor.

Adding a Subtitle

To do this, you have to write directly below the title of your article. Makes sense, right? Well, it doesn’t get turned into a subtitle unless you select that text and click the small…

Applying For Jobs

You can write unique cover letters in under 15 minutes

I used to think cover letters were pretentious. Okay, I still do. Nonetheless, if you don’t write one, you likely won’t stand out from your competition. As annoying and unnecessary as they may seem, they really are an important part of your application. Even if a hiring manager doesn’t read your cover letter, you can show initiative by simply including one.

That doesn’t mean all you should do is take a cookie-cutter template from Google and just change “[COMPANY NAME]” to the place you’re applying to. If your hiring manager is someone who actually reads cover letters — even if…

Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee — who also goes by ‘MKBHD’ — posted a video today that gave the world one of its first glances at Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming luxury electric sedan, the EQS. While the vehicle isn’t even officially revealed yet — we haven’t even gotten a price for it — it’s already evident to me that Tesla is still the king of the electric vehicle space.

What Do We Care About in a Car?

In his video, Marques talks about how with the EQS, Mercedes absolutely nailed the quality. From the doors opening on their own and closing with a soft touch, to knowing which mirror you’re trying…

My parents bought me a brand new car when I was 17 — a 2012, bright-red Nissan Sentra. “Special Edition,” it said on one the badges; so special it didn’t even have proper Bluetooth, I remember grumbling. It wasn’t the most expensive car in the world and certainly not the fastest. I actually pleaded with my parents to not buy me a car — I wanted to save up and buy a used car with my own money. I also wanted it to be manual. Being able to drive a stick-shift was something I aspired to because I thought it…

Have you ever been to a place that has terrible Wi-Fi? An airport, a barber shop, or at your local auto parts store? If you did, you probably remember the exact name of the place as well as the experience you had. You remember how it took you ages to load a simple webpage, and how it kept booting you off the network. On the other hand, you can’t recall too many of the good Wi-Fi experiences you had. “I don’t need to,” you think, because being ‘good,’ fast, and stable is the expectation in 2021.

Too many times, customers…

You may have stopped going to gyms during the pandemic, just like me. Whether that be due to losing motivation or simply because they closed down for a while, you haven’t been to a gym in a long time. You might not have exercised at all since you’ve last been to a gym. If so, don’t feel bad — you’re not the only one. Plenty of people don’t feel comfortable going to gyms right now, and as a result, simply don’t workout whatsoever.

I’m here to tell you that there are workouts you can do in or around your house…

If you follow the tech world or simply live in California, you may have had an encounter with a rather unique type of product: electric skateboards. You might have seen your favorite YouTuber riding around on one, or watched a millennial zoom past you at 25 miles-per-hour without their feet touching the ground. These skateboards were cool, unique, and very practical as they allowed you to quickly maneuver through streets. Furthermore, they were just extremely fun to use. …

Whether you have personal gripes with Jeff Bezos or the ever-growing invasiveness of Alexa products, Amazon is still a massive player in the online shopping space. The fact that their product catalogue continues to grow day-by-day only adds to their dominance. As jealous as we may be of the ex-CEO’s net worth, we too can make some money off of Amazon — or rather keep the money we already have in our pockets because of Amazon.

You might need a new HDMI cable, so you go over to your local Best Buy (or any other electronics store) to pick up…

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